Thursday, 17 July 2014

DUST Ubertoten Suicide Squad

I have another DUST miniatures installment for you - this time an Axis Ubertoten Suicide Squad

I enjoyed the painting the Ubertoten squads - the idea of undead Germans in Weird War II is appealing. 

Painted while listening to:  The Last Town by Blake Crouch

I'm half way through it and am really enjoying it!  It's the third book in the Wayward Pines series - it reminds me of something you'd see on the Twilight Zone or Outer Limits.  I hear they're making a mini-series or something of it as well, which I am looking forward to seeing!

I've been working on organizing the man cave, and have picked up a cabinet at IKEA and put it together the other day.

I spent part of the day unpacking most of my painted miniatures, and the cabinet is getting full already!  I actually picked up the cabinet a while ago, but picked out the wrong colour of doors.  When I went back to exchange them, they only had one of the white doors!!!!  So I had to wait until they were re-stocked. 

And of course I have to give you the obligatory puppy picture:


  1. Excellent work on these 'guys'! Why always the Germans have Z's escapes me.