Saturday, 12 July 2014

More Vikings!

I am finally back in town and actually have two weeks off in a row this time.  This is the second time this year!  So hopefully I can get a lot of painting in and finalize the man cave while I'm here. 

I finished these Foundry vikings a while ago, but they weren't fully finished at the time so I didn't post them here:

I still don't have a photo booth set up yet, so I'm stuck taking the pictures from the painting table.  The shield was a total bitch to get the transfer on - it's from Little Big Men Studios, and I have yet to be able to take that transparent "transfer" off the top.  Ah well, I'll still keep trying with them as they're beautiful decals.

On the table right now I have a bunch of Dust Warfare models - something I haven't tried painting before but have been wanting to for a long time.  I didn't enjoy cleaning the miniatures, but once I'm past that and have cut the models off their silly bases I was good to go.  They are easy to paint surprisingly, I wasn't sure what they would be like.  I should have a pic up of a squad tomorrow.

On a side note, we have a new addition to the family:

Since my wife's uncle has dognapped Rocky Senior, we thought a new addition would be in order.  This is Rocky Junior, a Yorkie puppy.  Very cute, very energetic, and very much a pain in the ass sometimes!  ;-) 


  1. Very nice work on these Vikings. I'm looking forward to your take on those Dust figures.

  2. Well done, great looking Vikings!

  3. Dude with the axe is MASSIVE! Great work! Nice looking dog, too. :)

    Your Vikings need some blue cloaks, a sure sign that something bad is going to go down in saga lit. ;)