Monday, 14 July 2014

Dust Warfare Ubertoten Assault Squad

I've admired the Dust Tactics/Warfare models for some time now, and just finally got around to picking some up and having a go at painting them.  The Axis Ubertoten Assault Squad was one of the first squads I bought, and loved the zombie-ish look of them. 

I had heard good and bad things about the quality of the plastic they are made of.  It's not super hard like the material the walkers are made of, but still are a bit bendy.  I didn't overly enjoy cleaning the mold lines off them, as the plastic didn't like to come off too easily and sometimes left little "hairs" on them.  Once I got through that, and chopping them off their silly bases, painting them was easy.  The paint took to the models easily, and were a joy to paint.  One thing I forgot to do before taking pictures was add some gloss varnish to the blood to make it look wet.


The one with the helmet has some Warlord Games German Heer decals to add some detail.  I did the same with the Laser Grenadiers and the Ubertoten Suicide Squad that I'm working on (all of which will be on the blog soon!).

Painted while listening to:  Brodmaw Bay by F.G. Cottam

Typical F.G. Cottam, but not his best work.  Seemed a bit rushed and it could have been fleshed out a bit more.  Still, it was a good listen and had its moments.