Sunday, 3 February 2013

Arctic/Antarctic Explorers

A few weeks ago I ordered some miniatures from Pulp Figures, a company I'd always had on my radar but never picked up anything from them.  After seeing some of the models from their Yukon Peril range, I finally made the plunge and picked up a bunch.

The girl and dog at the end are from the Northland Adventurers pack, and the two on the left are from Tree-Line Tough Guys.  I really liked how this picture came out, and the miniatures were very easy to paint.  I think that Bob Murch really has gotten a lot better with his sculpting over time and that this range has some of his best sculpts yet!

The bases are from Model Display Products and I think they really add to the Arctic/Antarctic look (it also looks a lot like Alberta right now too!).

I'm working on some more Pulp Figures right now, so I should have more up next weekend.

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