Saturday, 9 February 2013

More Arctic/Antarctic Explorers

I ordered a number of packs of Pulp Figures from Bob Murch a while ago and have been pretty exctied to paint them.  Here's the latest that I've completed:

The two miniatures on the left are from the Northland Adventurers pack, while the woman is from Tree-Line Tough Guys.  Like usual, my sad attempts at painting are especially noted when I look at the pictures and I can see all my mistakes!  Ah well, my days of spending ages on one figure so it looks fantastic are over.  I'm happy now with getting them done quick and on the table.

Next up are some "Mad Trappers of Rat River", which I might use as some thugs or tough guys in my miniature games...possibly ordinary crew hands.

All of the miniatures are based on 30mm Snow Terrain resin bases from Model Display Products

The Pulp Figures models are very easy to paint and I whipped out these guys in no time.  Highly recommended!


  1. Great looking figures of explorers!

  2. You are doing Murch's figures an honor with you painting. Well done Sir.