Saturday, 16 February 2013

Cultist Characters

I am always on the lookout for miniatures that can be used as cultists.  I found a few from Reaper and Hasslefree

Firstly is Reaper's Khavith, Serpentfolk Evoker.  I really liked the look of him and thought of a cultist transformed by a dark ritual into something more than human.

Next up is Reaper's Velmarius Elazarin.  Something about the arms raised like he's casting a spell really caught my attention and I thought he'd be a good cultist character.

This is a bit of a curious one - Reaper's Dark Creeper.  I liked the look of him - he's shorter than the rest of the cultists, but I envisage him as a deformed character - maybe cast out by the "normal folk" and joined a cult in order to feel like he belongs somewhere.

Lastly, and by far my favourite of the bunch, is Hasslefree's Brooke.  I don't know who she is supposed to be, but I thought she had the look to be a great cultist assassin!  I like the hair in the face, which is similar-ish to the hood of the robes covering part of the face (like most of the other cultists).  I continued the grey and red theme, this time with blood on the blade of the knife and on the base.  I really like how the blood turned out.  I did the highlights in the hair with blue as I didn't want too much red on the miniature to take away from the blood.

Aside from the Dark Creeper, all of the miniatures are based on 30mm Regal Stone Bases from Model Display Products, by far my favourite of theirs.


  1. Nice group of trouble makers IMO.

  2. great favourite is Brooke as well.

  3. Excellent work. A good and characterful selection of minis, too. Also, thanks for introducing me 'A Podcast to the Curious'!