Saturday, 1 June 2013


Sorry I didn't get a chance to post last weekend, but I will make up for it today with a mega-post!  A while ago I met up with another wargamer in Calgary and played my first game of Bolt Action from Warlord Games.  Of course, I forgot my camera but Grant took some pictures with his phone.  Check them out on his blog here.

I had painted up some of the Foundry FJ a long time ago, but sold them when I moved to Calgary.  I was happy to paint up another force of Artizan and Bolt Action miniatures.

This is my First Lieutenant (right) and his companion.  They did extremely well in combat, usually hitting on three of four die rolls regularly!

I don't have a model with a static MG42 yet, so this one stood in as a proxy for a medium machine gun.  He spent half the game on Ambush, keeping a main road of the town clear of troops.  They played a better role in the last half of the game where they moved up and provided some needed firepower against the American mortars and remaining squad.

When I first started firing with the mortar I wasn't impressed.  It didn't hit anything....until I ranged in.  By the end of the game they were pounding the crap out of a squad lodged in a ruined building.

The pictures above show the members of my two squads of FJ.  Also included is my mortar spotter (with the binoculars).

Please ignore the shinyness of the medic.  I'm still trying to find a decal for the cross on his helmet.  I'll re-post a picture of him again once complete.  He saved a few people during the battle.  The forward air observer actually managed to call in an airstrike and take out a few American airborne.  I don't know if I'd take him again and would probably take another squad instead.

These tank-hunters didn't participate in the game as it was more of an early war theme, but managed to get them painted.

I really liked the Bolt Action ruleset, especially how the battle flowed back and forth and you can never really know who is going to win until the last minute.

I have some more fallschirmjager on order from Artizan, so hopefully will have another squad ready for play soon.  I'll try and remember to bring my camera for the game we're having in a few weeks.

I'm also looking forward to getting the Muskets and Tomahawks ruleset (coming with the Artizan minis), as I have been inspired from looking at the posts on Jay's Wargaming Madness blog.  Awesome looking miniatures and terrain on there.  Check it out!


  1. Stunning work and I love the work on the camouflage jackets - tremendous job.

  2. very nice :) what color did you use for the trousers

    1. I used Vallejo Model Color 830 - Ger. Fieldgrey WWII. I added a bit of white to do the highlight.

  3. Very nice job on the camo. I've always been a fan of those Artizan sculpts.