Monday, 17 June 2013

Dr. Borghesan Released at Harwood Hobbies

I put up the new releases on the website, three different poses of the same scientist/doctor, Dr. Borghesan.  Here we have the "normal", "armed" and "zombified" versions:

Dr. Borghesan is the name of my family doctor.  :-)  The sculptor (Badsmile), remembers how women like to take off their schoes to run, so he thought it would be good to capture that in the "armed" sculpt.

Simon Bradley from Stone Cold Lead did an awesome job as usual on the paint jobs!


  1. They are superb! Do you have a UK distributor Wally?

    1. Sadly, no UK distributor for these yet. Crooked Dice is stocking some of the Sinbad miniatures though.

  2. That's really nice.