Sunday, 16 June 2013

Fallschirmjager Loader, NCO and Flamethrower

I've got a bit of a mixed bag for you today, as you can see in the title! 

On the left is a loader for a panzerschrek team, an NCO with a SMG (which was part of the PAK 40 blister, but I needed an NCO with SMG!!!) and a flamethrower.  All are from Warlord Games.

I like how they came out, especially the flames on the 'thrower.

The basing is done the same as on the previous FJ.  I got my order of static tufts from Tajima miniatures in the mail on Thursday, so I got to try out the smaller tufts from them on some of the FIW Indians I'm currently working on.  I really like the assortment of tufts, flowers and bushes that they have there and highly recommend them!


  1. Very nice, great looking flamethrower!

  2. Very nicely done, the flame works particularly well and I echo your thoughts on Tajima.