Saturday, 29 June 2013

Next Big Round of Fallschirmjager

I wanted to have another squad ready for my next game of Bolt Action, so I went nuts over the last few weeks and got a bunch of miniatures painted.

The guy on the left might end up being the NCO as he stands out...dunno.

The one in the middle is a sniper and the one on the left the spotter.  I had some eye painting issues with them apparently!  :-)

I might stick the guy on the left into as the another bodyguard for the lieutenant.   The guy on the right is carrying a radio on his back - I'll probably use him as a spotter for the recoilless (I think I can take a spotter for that...)

I'm looking forward to seeing how the recoilless gun does in the game, as well as the sniper team.

All of the miniatures are a mix of Artizan Designs and Warlord Games.

One last surprise for you...and hopefully not in too bad taste....

The Fuhrer himself!  I like the lazy heil pose and he was super easy to paint (I did have to do some research online to find out what colours to paint him in).  This miniature is from Black Tree Designs - I'll have to get Stalin too when I start working on Russians!  I'm extremely happy how he came out, especially the face.

I have a static MG42 almost done to replace the prone version I was using before - I should have pictures up for you next week.  I've been working on some Compagnie Franche de la Marine for FIW gaming and have had fun painting them!  The white and blue colours are great to do, especially after doing so much camouflage on the FJ.

My order from 4Ground came as well, and I'm hoping to have some of the buildings assembled over the weekend (a long one here in Canada!).

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  1. The FJs are looking great. That gun is sure to give someone a headache.