Saturday, 8 June 2013

Fallschirmjager Sniper and FIW Indians

I've got a bit of a mix this week, a Fallschirmjager sniper from Bolt Action and some FIW Indians from Conquest.

I haven't received the other FJ miniatures that I ordered from Artizan yet, so I'm eagerly awaiting those in order to fill out a third squad.  In the meantime, I worked on a sniper.

He was easier to paint as I didn't have to do the eyes, my least favourite part of a miniature to paint.

My order from Artizan/North Star contains the Muskets and Tomahawks ruleset, so I thought I'd paint up some of the Conquest miniatures that I've had sitting in a box for years.  So sad, I know, but I'm sure some of you are in the same boat!

They were a bit more fiddly to paint than I thought they would be, with all the little details on the models.  That and I forgot to paint some war paint on them, and had to put it on after I had already glosscoted them all.  I used a brighter static grass for them to make them look a bit more "woodsy".  :-)

I've ordered a few more boxes of small static grass tufts from Tajima1 Miniatures, as I only have a few small tufts left of my army painter supply.  The Tajima tufts are great, and come in a thin box with all of the tufts laid out and have a way stickier bottom than the army painter ones.  I feel that you get a lot more tufts for your money as well, and free shipping if you order four boxes or more!  For me, it's only Tajima tufts from now on.


  1. Love the FIW stuff Wally!

    The warpaint is almost floating, like it was over a layer of varnish LOL ;)

  2. Nearly forgot - that sniper is fantastic! Great camo work!

  3. Sniper and Natives are great! Nice brushwork! Conquest NA are the best out in the market! Each tribe looks like the tribe they represent. I wish he'd sculpt some of my tribe, the Potawatomi, but I'd be just as happy with some more minis from Conquest in general!

  4. That Fallschirmjager is very nice !