Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Dumping the Body

This one took me a while to do, having three miniatures.  It was broken up into three pieces - I had to pin the arms to the shoulders of the dead guy in order to make sure it stayed on there.


I had to use a huge base to get them all on there.  I added a gravestone and crow from the Renedra graveyard set for a little extra flavour.  A few of the tufts that I used were a bit larger than usual since I had more room to work with. 

It was fun to paint this little scene.  I enjoyed seeing it all come together and really enjoyed these miniatures from The Foundry.


  1. Dead on! Great stuff!

  2. Fabulous little vignette, although my first thought seeing the gravestone was "Budget Funerals" ;-)

  3. Great looking, atmospheric vignette!