Saturday, 30 November 2013

Russian ZIS-3

I rushed to get this gun finished in time for a game, but then had to cut it in order to trim down some points!  LOL! 

I probably could have squeezed it on to a smaller base, but oh well.  It's a big gun, so it gets a big base!  :-)  This is the ZIS-3 76mm Divisional Gun from Warlord Games.  I had to look online at pictures of the gun in order to figure out where the gun shield went, etc.  No biggie. 

I used a 2-part epoxy glue to cement the thing on there, as well as the gun shield and wheels.  I didn't want them to be falling off on me as there's not much holding the gun shield on there, and the only contact points to the base are the wheels and legs.

The gun came with three crew, but the rulebook says it needs a fourth.  I had a spare figure from the Forward Observer pack, so I added him on there.

I like how you can use this in Bolt Action as either an AT-gun or as a light artillery piece.  Good flexibility, depending on what your opponent brings to the table.  I knew my nemesis wouldn't be bringing tanks, so felt fine leaving this one behind at home.

Painted while listening to:  Wayward by Blake Crouch


Wayward is the sequel to Pines.  I'm finding this one less exciting as you already know what's going on in Wayward Pines from the previous book.  Aside from that, the book is good so far!


  1. Too bad you left it at home - you're going to need it ... :)

    Great looking gun!

  2. Really nice! Love the ground colors too!