Sunday, 17 November 2013

More Grave Robbers!

I finished off two more of the grave robbers:

I really like how these came out...but I realize now that I forgot to add grass and the leaves to the base!  Argh!  I'll probably add a few on.

Painted while listening to:  The Abominable

Dan Simmons is way too verbose sometimes...well, most of the time in this book.  It feels like I'm listening to the biography of a climber, and he goes into technical detail about climbing and climbing equipment.  Things are getting a bit more exciting though - about half way through.


  1. It's verbose! It's comatose! It's varicose! Wait...

  2. Absolutely wonderful, love the addition of the head stones in both.

  3. Excellent work, these are really atmospheric....

  4. Beautiful work, a great choice of be or not to be...