Friday, 29 November 2013

Uruk Hai Berserkers and the Last of the Scouts

I really powered through the scouts, and wanted to do something a little different.


I realize that I'm not good at painting hands!  LOL!  Ah well, good enough.  I had fun painting these guys.  They are very easy to paint, but I think that's all I have of them (for now).



These are the last of the scouts that I'll be doing for now.  I have a good sized force of them, but will still have to paint Lurtz!

I just finished painting a ZIS-3 gun for my WW2 Russians, and am doing some Russian scouts as well.  I'll be having a game of Bolt Action tomorrow so I should have some pictures of the game for you (if I remember my camera this time).  :-)

Painted while listening to:  Pines by Blake Crouch

I came across this audiobook from the "People who bought this also bought..." section on one of my other listens.  I must say that this was an awesome book!  I really enjoyed it.  If you are a sci-fi person who likes shows like The Outer Limits, you'll like this book.  I'm listening to the sequel right now...

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  1. Spot on! Love the palm print, really effective.