Thursday, 14 November 2013

More 6mm Soviet tanks, AFV and my Sad Attempts at Painting my own Miniatures

Oh boy, it's been a long time since I updated the blog.  After finishing working for two weeks, I had a busy four days with my wife.  I didn't really have any time to paint until recently.  Here's the result:

A few more T-64s.

Four more BMP-1s, these re-sculpted ones by GHQ are fantastic!

Ugh!  I didn't realize drybrushing the metal onto the MG turret left little flecks on the surface.

These pictures are of the same two trucks.  I tried out some decals on the doors - damn are they tiny!  Decals by Dom's Decals.

I also have three helicopters painted up but am looking to have some rotors done in acrylic by Litko or some other place.  No luck yet...

Lastly, three of my own miniatures, painted sadly by myself.  These are "those miniatures" that I worked on for a bit, then put them aside when my attention was captivated by something else, worked on for a bit, etc.  I think I started them at the beginning of the year!  Due to this, I don't think they turned out all that well - but good enough for the tabletop!

All of them are Kali cultists from the Sinbad range on my site.  I tried a darker looking skin tone on these and am happy with the results - I used Vallejo Panzer Aces 341 Flesh Base.

And a little treat for my blog friends - pictures of painted upcoming releases, painted by Stone Cold Lead (Simon Bradley).  Awesome painting as usual!  I love that guy!  :-)

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